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Consort ERP Software

Enterprise-grade Resource Planning and Management Software for SMEs with a unique and cost effective approach.

At Ripon-based Red Kite IT, we have over 20 years’ experience of bringing effective software solutions to customers to make life easier for clients and their workforce. Consort is our own Integrated Office Management / ERP software product. Simply, it enables more effective and productive business management whilst reducing effort and resource, handling both people and information. Consort centralises, automates and simplifies business tasks, dramatically improving productivity and reducing error. This management software is ideal for most businesses that require document and customer relationship management.

Consort ERP provides all the required elements to improve productivity, and partnering with RedKiteIT is like having an on-site software development team without the inherent expense or knowledge.

Consort Features

Worst-case scenarios

We’ve put together some disaster scenarios for you to think about. Of course, we don’t wish these things to happen but bad things can happen to good businesses!
It would be worth thinking about how similar scenarios might affect your business.

A mysterious disappearance

When a staff member doesn’t turn up for work, where does that leave you?


Three’s a crowd

Multiple colleagues working on the same document can lead to trouble.


Don’t blame the baby!

The early arrival of a bundle of joy can scupper the best-laid plans.


A snail’s pace

Your holiday internet connection may not be up to the job…. how will your business cope without you?


Spreading like wildfire

What if a colleague’s mind is not on the job, and they accidentally compromise your IT system?


A little more explanation…

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