RedKiteIT has been developing computer software and website for over 20 years. Unfortunately hackers have been developing and accessing websites about the same time. They have got quite proficient at it.

Your business and website is constantly been attacked and probed for access and weakness. Indeed your employees and customers are equally an attractive proposition of interest to these miscreants.

RedKiteIT has been around, in one form or another longer than the WWW, so has developed a level of experience to assist you and your business navigate these treacherous waters. Whether you are looking to secure your website, your data and computers, or even assist your employees through training. RedKiteIT does not sell off-the-shelf solutions so can act as an unbiased authority and cost effective ally in this war.

We can discuss SSL certificates, database encryption, WIFI/VPN policies, develop robust software and website solutions, as well as offer tailored training to alleviate security concerns of your business.

Today all websites should be secured with SSL certificates. This improves Google and SEO rankings, as well as gives your potential customers the confidence about your company policies. As web browsers upgrade the SSL certificate status (or the lack thereof) will become more noticeable.

As website developers we often use the WordPress framework. As the most popular framework we can recommend security plugins and configuration settings, as well as conduct security scans which will analyse your website using the same tools hackers use. We can keep your business knowledgeable about the risks and assist in rectifying them.

The varied use of the Internet is growing exponentially. Your business needs to become more and more digital. Whether this means considering an e-commerce (direct selling) website, or using more Cloud based computing or other remote access software developments to streamline and improve your business productivity. This means your business becomes ever greater at risk to your security responsibilities. Your customers and supply chain will require and demand your polices and procedures surpass your competitors.

RedKiteIT can assist, advise and consult on antivirus, firewalls, computer settings, procedures, policies, secure software developments, database design and encryption, employee training; (email phishing, spam, website content management, general practises, specific application, or computer knowledge, as well as many other IT related disciplines), website security and management practises, SSL adoption, remote and on-site working, data-in-transit protections and overall business process management to name a few specialisations we have acquired over the years.