Event Offers


Thank you for visiting our stand.

As a thank you, we have some offers which are exclusive to those who visited our stand and/or spoke to us at the show.

50% discount on a WordPress website security scan

Old and vulnerable versions of WordPress, plugins and themes present security issues that can make your website vulnerable to hackers. Hackers can do serious damage once inside your website. They can cause a loss of time and money recovering data. Data can be stolen affecting your GDPR status. Your business reputation can be compromised and malware can be installed and spread through your website.

If you have a WordPress website, and would like to know how secure it is, we can provide a security scan and report on our findings.

We use the same tools as the hackers, to discover any vulnerabilities or threats to your website.

We provide a no-obligation report on our findings, which you can pass to your existing web developers to act on, or of course we’ll gladly act on the outcomes of the report for you. It’s entirely up to you.

Only £40 + VAT (with the show discount).

Simply call 01765 357070 or email info@redkiteit.co.uk to enquire.

50% discount on a Website SEO performance analysis

How well does your website rank on the major search engines?

Why should you care?

Most users only look at page 1 of the search results, often they do not bother to look any further.
If your website does not appear on page 1, then you are unlikely to get many visitors to your site.

There are often good reasons why your site is not on Page 1.

We can help you to identify and address those reasons.

Only £80 + VAT (with the show discount)

Call 01765 357070 or email info@redkiteit.co.uk to enquire.