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Business process & productivity consultancy

RedKiteIT focuses on helping you run your business with the design and development of our enterprise-grade office management software (more often known as ERP) called Office Consort.

Encompassing Customer Relationship Management. Document management. Business logic. Management reporting. Financials. User Management. Multiple integration systems. Security. Scalability and many other pioneering features all within one customisable product.

Office Consort collects, stores, monitors and manages data from day-to-day business activities. Bringing a unified togetherness to your workflow as well as utilising the latest Information Technology. The net result? Scalability, security, speed and better resource management which ultimately saves you time and your business money.

Many ERP software solutions can be costly and restrictive making them usually out of reach of most SME’s. Development costs, time and available resources as well as training typically develop into massive expenditures. Office Consort is the accumulation of over 20 years working with SME’s to bring an affordable solution that will catapult your business forward with innovative software technology more commonly seen in large companies.

Ordinarily, businesses can expect to invest tens of thousands in both money and time into other solutions. Most businesses cannot afford such an investment. This is where Office Consort can help. RedKiteIT can provide an enterprise-grade solution for your business, at a fraction of the cost but not lacking in features and abilities. Our cost savings in elegant design principals mean less hassle and more function and we can afford to pass these savings onto your business.

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Website design & development

Perhaps it’s no surprise that with our software expertise, website design & development goes hand-in-hand.

Our developers have been creating websites since the early days of the web. Web design itself has changed rapidly over the last two decades, starting with simple text-based designs, through to media-rich web applications. The advent of the SmartPhone has also completely changed the industry recently, driving developers to create mobile-friendly websites which can be used from any location.

We have been there from the beginnning, and our experience and expertise is second-to-none.

Website technologies we specialise in include:

  • WordPress & content-managed websites
  • Magento (e-commerce)

Websites for Community Safety Partnerships and public-sector organisations

We provide robust, user-friendly websites for Community Safety Partnerships and public organisations.

We recently worked with the Safer York Partnership to produce a website and Content Management System which enabled them to communicate more effectively with their community and partner organisations.

You can read more about the services we provide for public-sector organisations on the following page:

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