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Consort: Business management software for SMEs

Simplifying the complicated and complex

Consort is an effective, seamless and fast-moving business management app, with an array of benefits to allow the smooth running of a small/ medium office.

Consort can have a huge impact on businesses that require a lot of admin and paper tracking tasks, especially for those with remote workers, or workers who are out on client visits regularly.

Or, imagine what would happen if one of your key employees was suddenly taken ill. Would the rest of your employees be able to do their jobs without the office manager, for example?

Consort’s document sharing system is set up to enable all employees to have the level of access that they need, meaning that no-one is dependent upon anyone else to do their job. It also allows for remote access, meaning that businesses can become as flexible with hours and locations as they need to be. Consort stores the data, allowing files to be easily accessed from anywhere, quickly and (more importantly) securely. This allows for transparent business operation.

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Web: Business website design, development & hosting

Website design and development to get your business off the ground…

A professional website is by far the most effective way to promote a business. RedKite provides a secure platform, and with the latest online expertise; and are able to deliver both mobile-compatible and desktop sites. This allows customers to access sites at all times, with ease, and from any device.

Red Kite provide sites across a selection of platforms which are all reliable and flexible, to give clients real peace of mind. Other options available include consultative and development options on existing sites as well as a full design service.

These attractive, bespoke websites also come with secured SSL certificates; which helps to increase Google ranking and further broadcasts your business’ professional status.

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