Secure Websites for small businesses


We provide website design, development & consultancy for small businesses.

Every business will benefit from a website. It’s a shop window which works for your business 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In our 15+ years of being in the web design business, we’ve seen the development of websites from little more than plain text on a page, to attractive, well-designed sites which can really perform for a business. And one of the latest developments has been in ‘responsive’ web design – websites which look and work just as well on mobile phones and tablets as they do on desktop computers. We’ve been an early adopter of this responsive technology – where a lot of web designers have dragged their feet and shied away – we have embraced this. Our latest generation of websites are all 100% mobile-compatible, giving their users and customers the ability to ‘surf from the sofa’.

We genuinely believe that we are the best at this. A lot of companies claim that, but we believe it because we hear it from our customers. And who better to judge than them?

Here are just a few examples:

In every respect, RedKiteIT has met our expectations and the site is fresher, faster and more responsive. Analysis of site and Adwords performance has been made easier and enabled me to make changes that lead to more Goal completions.
Their pricing is both fair and reasonable. They work hard and keep in regular contact – and they don’t communicate in “Geek Speak” so anyone can understand what they are talking about.
Peter Walker, Superskills

RedKiteIT spent time understanding the nature of a Community Safety Partnership and the need to provide a balance of information and advice, as well as demonstrating the multi-agency work that the partnership facili- tates and co-ordinates. Throughout the development of the new site, communication with the RedKiteIT team was regular and their support and advice has been much appreciated in ensuring that the end result delivered above and beyond what we had hoped to achieve.
Jane Mowat, Safer York Partnership

RedKiteIT Limited designed our original website from scratch and over the years have maintained, refreshed and overhauled all the appearance and technical aspects that the continuous changes in style and technology make necessary. Their pro-active approach has ensured that we box above our size on internet search engines, generating further useful business enquiries.
Steve Hill, Hill Aviation Insurance

Technologies we work with

Our websites and web-based solutions are built upon the popular open-source LAMP stack technologies, enabling us to provide flexible, scalable solutions for your business.

Technologies include:

  • E-commerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Magento
    • OpenCart
    • Shopify
  • And of course, our own bespoke solutions
  • Content Management
    • WordPress
    • ModX
    • iUpdate by RedKiteIT

All are based on our own dedicated, reliable web servers to provide the greatest level of reliability.

Security is paramount

In 2017, Google announced an update that would prioritise secure websites. That update caused big waves in the web design industry, as it necessitated the installation of an SSL certificate to all websites.

Websites which were secure (those using an SSL certificate) saw an increase in their ranking in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). Conversely, non-secure sites saw their ranking decrease.

For this reason, ALL websites hosted on our servers are secured with SSL certificates as standard. All of our currently hosted websites have been secured and have seen ranking increases as a result. This has directly lead to more visits to their websites and more business.