Secure Websites for the Public Sector


RedKiteIT provides robust, user-friendly websites for Community Safety Partnerships and public organisations.

Many organisations fail to maximise their use of the gamut of communication methods. Websites, in conjunction with social media, can be a valuable tool in disseminating information to the public, media and other interested groups.
Organisations which utilise these methods are more successful in their communications.

Take for example the recent floods in York, which damaged many hundreds of homes, forcing residents to evacuate.
The Safer York Partnership used their website and social media to find and coordinate volunteers for the relief operations. They also coordinated an effort to find temporary accommodation for affected residents by bringing property owners together with people in need of accommodation. This would have been difficult to achieve without an effective website and linked social media accounts.

We developed the Partnership’s website in early 2015, for the exact purpose of enabling the Partnership to provide information and advice to the community. The website eminently proved its value to the organisation during the floods, with an estimated 1600 visits over three days.

What makes a successful website?

  • Ease of accessing information
  • A logical content structure
  • Consistent design & layout
  • Usability & accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Connections to relevant social media
  • Mobile-responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is one of the more important elements of a new website. An estimated 34%* of all website traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Therefore new websites are advised to cater for mobile traffic by adapting to multiple display sizes. This is known in the industry as mobile-responsiveness or responsive design.

* Source:, January 2016

Our Approach

Our clients’ needs are foremost in our approach

Our approach is to conduct one or more requirements gathering sessions to determine your exact needs, then to suggest a solution which is best for your organisation. In most cases we will recommend a content-managed solution, which will enable your organisation to manage its own website content. This is a convenient solution as your staff will be able to make changes to the content when required.

We offer a variety of options for the development of your content-managed website including bespoke solutions tailored to your precise needs to open-source web-based software which is extremely robust and well-supported by a worldwide community of developers.

We guarantee efficient and friendly project delivery, whilst remaining aware of budgets and timetables.

Benefits of a modern website

  • Modern HTML standards promote Accessibility1 and Usability2
  • Responsive design techniques create a site which is usable on a variety of devices, thereby attracting a wider audience
  • Content can be structured to make information easier to find by visitors and Google
  • A well-structured website can be used to present information to the public, reducing the load on call-centres and support staff
  • Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be integrated directly to the website, promoting visitor engagement
  • Google and other search engines rank well-structured websites more highly, also taking into account code semantics and adherance to coding standards
  • Google prioritises mobile-compatible websites over traditional (non-mobile-compatible) sites, resulting in greater traffic to mobile-compatible sites
  • A contemporary website can give an organisation a more professional appearance

1 Accessible websites aim to be usable by all users, including those using screen readers, Braille readers, text-based browsers, voice commands and alternative input devices. We develop to the W3C WGAG guidelines.

2 The website will conform to, and be validated against the latest HTML5 Standard from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The Outcome

We can provide your organisation with a web-based solution which will completely fulfil your requirements, and enable your visitors to find their required information quickly and easily.

The solution we provide will be tailored exactly to the needs of your organisation, and be easy for your personnel to update, which will generate savings in time and cost. We do not have a ‘one-size fits all’ philosophy; it is more important to us to carefully analyse your requirements then produce a solution to match.

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