Business process & productivity consultancy


RedKiteIT is an IT Consultancy with over 20 years of experience within the software and web industries, bringing a wealth of tried and tested improvements to businesses.

Working with many types of businesses allows RedKite IT to review practices with an unbiased approach. They can objectively make businesses more secure, safer, faster, more efficient and less reliant. In turn, they make lives simpler and increase productivity.
RedKiteIT are problem solvers, turning difficulties into solutions with no commercial bias. They take what businesses do and simply make it better.

The question is often asked: ‘’What can the system do?”. Consort can do anything. Businesses work in partnership with RedKiteIT to become developers and create a bespoke solution to any problem. Consort utilises software already in use by businesses, to prevent the learning curve often associated with an ERP system.

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From banks to farmers, the reality is most businesses are using insecure and inefficient practices which can limit their growth and waste resource, as well as compromising their data security. This in turn can hamper their ability to secure new contracts or deal effectively with customers. We see very few businesses who are excelling in IT, and Consort solves that problem with a futureproof solution.

The Traditional Model – the problem

Businesses use a combination of software, some of which are only used by expert staff. They may have a database, or have considered a basic cloud system. The storage and retrieval of data is usually a personal choice of the staff, with very few businesses standardising the data processes. The storage of data in a variety of places leads to potential security issues. Spreadsheets are difficult to control, and data loss caused by human error or malintent is a common issue.

Scalability is challenging, with document storage and accessibility causing a problem as businesses grow. All too often, documents are emailed between staff, and therefore various versions of the same document can often be in circulation, none of which are secure. This can lead to repetition of work, human error, and incomplete or missing data and documents. Data management is limited to the workforce skillset, and can limit growth of the business. Lack of data security runs the risk of compromising customer and supplier confidence.

A Better Model – the solution

RedKiteIT provide impartial advice and consultancy to solve these problems for businesses. They provide integrated systems which dissolve concerns, providing quick and secure results that enable businesses to work more effectively.
RedKiteIT simplify IT for businesses, freeing up their time and resource and allowing them to grow. Previously this level of support was only available to large companies, but following over 20 years of research and experience, can now be offered to SMEs in a cost-effective, simple, futureproof and robust way.

Consort is a branded solution to all the problems faced by the traditional model of business. It is a tailored application which increases efficiency whilst saving resources, time and cost. Customers are astounded by its speed, accuracy, security and 24/7 availability, all backed up by the experienced and friendly team at RedKiteIT. Not only that, it’s easy to implement, and requires little or no staff training to standardise and futureproof data collection, storage and encryption in a totally risk-free way.