Spreading like wildfire


Picture the scene: One morning one of your staff comes in to work. They had a heavy night the night before, and in between sips of strong coffee – they open their emails.

One appears to be from a client attaching an invoice. ‘Weird’, thinks your staff member, and clicks the link. Next thing you know, a virus has hit their computer, but not before forwarding the email to all of their contacts. Most of the contacts are wise enough not to open an email of this kind, apart from last night’s office drinking partner, who absent-mindedly clicks it too. Within seconds the malware has spread throughout the office, destroying files in its path, and corrupting the entire C drive – the core of the office storage system. Computers are down, staff are panicking, and the day is doomed.

Consort from RedKite doesn’t allow this to happen. Client files and notes are all stored on a central system, meaning that if a virus strikes, it is contained to one person, and affects absolutely nothing they or their colleagues have been working on. Phew.