App development


RedKiteIT has over 25 years experience in developing ERP business solutions and software to simplify tasks and ease business management. Over recent years the mobile marketplace has expanded to such a point that many people use their mobile phones and tablets more actively and in many cases exclusively. This can present an opportunity to further boost your business and reputation by expanding into Android, iOS and iPhone developments.

For some businesses a well built responsive website is suffice to capture the smaller form factor of mobile phones and is a cost effective way to make sure your business is still relevant with customers and clients. There is, however a limit to what a website can provide with regards business functionality and reputation. This is where a dedicated App development may propel your business.

App development can be a complex and costly consideration depending upon your requirements. Small business and entrepreneurs can find the whole experience overwhelming. While it is a maturing development platform it is, at the same time, a fast growing one. Whether you are looking to bring useful information or functions to your customers, or expand your business systems with data collection and field work tools, mobile app development can be a game changer and needs careful consideration.

At RedKiteIT we are able to bring our large design and problem-solving skills, as well as our extensive UK and EU app development team to assist your decision making and give your idea the breath of life. Navigating the mobile app battleground needs a considered approach, as development time and costs can quickly spiral.

RedKiteIT can provide a no-nonsense viewpoint on design, development, management and budgets and give your App development a head start.

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