Bespoke software


As a full-stack development consultancy our expertise envelopes a wide array of IT related skills advantageous to your business and processes.

We can advise on off-the-shelf hardware and software, as well as bridge the functional gaps within these areas by designing and building specific tools and products to streamline your processes.

We can also build custom software applications and Apps to meet your requirements. Our primary development language is Delphi, which is one of the oldest programming languages in the world.

About Delphi

Delphi is both an object oriented programming language (OOP) and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is an alternative to languages such as Visual Basic, and offers development with both rapidity and good quality.

Delphi is also the language behind some of the most important computer programs in the world. Takes for example nuclear power plant control systems, power grid operation centres for whole continents, and global real time ship monitoring systems keeping billions of gallons of oil out of harms way.

Suffice to say while it may be hard to see Delphi in the real world you would be surprised where it is used. The light show control at Niagara Falls. NASA to manage the MARS rovers data! Delphi is extremely widely used yet almost invisible.

Delphi is the language which we chose to specialise in, over 20 years ago. With it, we have built stable and long-lasting software for big businesses, including leaders in the field of insurance loss-adjustment. It has enormous provenance.


Our current products

Consort by RedKiteIT

Enterprise-grade Resource Planning and Management Software for SMEs with a unique and cost effective approach.

At Red Kite IT, we have over 20 years of experience of bringing effective software solutions to customers to make life easier for clients and their workforce. Consort is our own Integrated Office Management / ERP software product.

Simply, it enables more effective and productive business management whilst reducing effort and resource,handling both people and information. Consort centralises, automates and simplifies business tasks, dramatically improving productivity and reducing error. This management software is ideal for most businesses that require documents, reporting and customer relationship management.

Consort provides all the required elements to improve productivity, and integrates seamlessly with common office software such as Microsoft Word and Excel. It’s made for the Windows desktop, and has a web portal and an App so that all of your staff can access the information they need, whatever device they’re using.

Security is also a big part of Consort. With the range of devices available today, it’s critical that software keeps sensitive information secure. Our innovative software is checked for security and robustness by penetration testers.

Remote working: Consort enables your company and its staff flexibility in location. Whether working from head office, satellite offices, home, or even the beach, Consort keeps information secure.

More information about Consort

Barrett Corp Harrington
Fieldtrack by RedKiteIT

Field Track offers a uniquely powerful, cost effective and simple agricultural crop management solution for arable enterprise management.

Rock-solid software stability. A wealth of features. An unmatched record for simplicity and data input speed. Professional support and after sales commitment to your requirements makes Field Track the only sensible choice.

We offer a free trial of Field Track to enable you to see why so many farmers and people in the industry have been recommending RedKiteIT for over 25 years.

Profi International Magazine
Simplicity is the common theme within Field Track…

Profi International

Extra easy to use and easier still to understand… …is very much for the next and less generous looking century

Peter Hepworth Arable Farming

Field Track represents excellent value for money.

Profi International