Features of Consort


For the more technically minded, here is a more detailed description of the features and benefits of Consort:

Consort allows quick and safe information input, and improved management of the data. It is very simple to operate, allowing a more even distribution of workloads, with structured and secure reporting. Remote staff can quickly and easily access data, making business management more simple.

By centralising, automating and simplifying tasks, Consort leads to more effective business management with less effort and fewer resources. It reduces the need for circular emails, file sharing and spreadsheets, and enhances them with a thoughtfully designed, secure and scalable system. Secure information is retrieved in the correct format, which allows businesses to run more effective IT, reducing the pressure on owners / managers, eliminating time wastage due to duplication, and ensuring information is always easily accessed. This also allows for the guarantee of business continuity. Businesses can recover from crises more quickly, and staff can overlap roles smoothly.

There is a serious risk to the security of business data through file sharing with network drives and the storing of information on local computers. A cloud-based system such as Consort is significantly more secure, providing complete control over the storage and transfer of data, however sensitive. The data cannot be lost / damaged through human error as no staff have access to the server platform. The data is encrypted at all levels, and viruses / ransomware are unable to penetrate the system.

Customer requirements for management reporting can be easily and quickly dealt with on demand. Audits can be easily produced, and compliance and procedures dealt with efficiently with minimum staffing requirements. All relevant information including both documents and emails relating to a specific supply chain or business relationship can be retrieved within seconds in a staff- and customer-friendly way.

Document management is a key aspect of any business. An ERP system provides a paperless solution which can lower the carbon footprint and costs of a business. It allows the combination of data and reports, reducing complications in client collaboration, with totally secure storage. Consort provides all the software to manage document flow throughout a business.

Consort is not restricted like some off-the-shelf solutions, nor is it as prohibitively expensive as a fully bespoke solution. Having said that, after 20 years of development, the RedKiteIT team bring the best of both to businesses in a cost-effective and integrated way, with Consort providing a single system to integrate with all existing software.

Change management can be costly and complicated, and integration of new systems can sometimes be a difficult hurdle to overcome for business owners. The change to using Consort can be implemented gradually, working with businesses to create integrated improvements at a rate that businesses can afford.

Consort enhances businesses by improving productivity and allowing gradual change to improved software and practice which in turn builds confidence and success. It removes the fear created by confusing marketing surrounding other packages, by giving businesses the IT features and benefits they need; better control of their own information and reporting; and the ability for the software to develop and grow as the business does.

Consort reduces the need for training resources, freeing up time and money immediately. It enhances the workforce by allowing the computer to resolve more of their headaches and lets them do their job more effectively. Consort allows business managers to delegate effectively, thereby improving business continuity and responsiveness.

Consort helps to manage and protects businesses. It makes computer use more effective, to log, monitor and report. Audits are easy, as information is correct and quickly available. Human error is reduced. Data integrity and information transfer are vastly improved as is solution guidance.

The tracking of workflow and the sharing of business knowledge throughout the workforce allows easier delegation, maximises on resources and improves time management. An ERP office management system like Consort cuts down on time wastage, reduces error and enables the timely production of correct information, without compromising on security or continuity. Consort can unite businesses and align the thinking of staff, and reduces all the problems businesses face in the tracking, sharing and managing of tasks, projects and clients.

The concerns of SMEs regarding the implementation of new technology surround mainly the wasting of resources, security concerns, and only partial use of new systems. RedKiteIT work with many businesses to enable them to use and understand technology fully. Consort allows for scalability, meaning businesses can expand workload and workforce with a near zero impact on resources.