Database development


No matter the size, or type of business everyone of them creates data and it does not take long for this data to become large and overwhelming.

Most businesses start, and sadly continue to use spreadsheets to contain this information. And why not, they are easy (relatively) and were one of the first programs ever invented. Over the years spreadsheets like MS Excel, Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc have expanded their feature sets to provide a wealth of features thus cementing themselves as the go-to business application of the 21st century.

The downside to the spreadsheet is business continuity and human nature. Your backup regime has to be second to none. The bigger and more complex the spreadsheet usually means its inventor becomes instrumental to the business and their loss could spell doom to the business.

The major fault of the spreadsheet is, however us humans. The reality is we are all, bar none, idiots. We can enter data incorrectly, sort the wrong columns, save, or not save at the wrong time. Add to this cacophony of idiocy, disgruntled employees that can quite easily share, or delete the file(s), or change entries here and there that simply go unnoticed thus making the file incorrect and dysfunctional. The spreadsheet now becomes your IT Achilles’ heel. Your business has limited powers to secure and restrict access and usage of a spreadsheet. If your business depends on this your risk factor can be staggering.

Spreadsheets have their place for detailed and complex reporting tools but been the placeholder of your business information they certainly do not. This honoured position is squarely the domain of the database.

At RedKiteIT we have spend the last 25 years designing and using databases. The database is the underlying holder of all data that our applications use to store and display your business information. Most websites use the database to store their content that is displayed to your customers. Data storage and display, as well as business security is what the database does. Your business needs the database.

Unlike the spreadsheet the database does have a steeper learning curve. This is where RedKiteIT comes in. We can consult, design and develop database structures aligned to your business. As software and database developers we can also build tools to make your business functions easier so you do not have to delve into the inner working of the database. We can handle security protocols, scalability, SQL coding, index optimizations and encryption. We can also create tools to analyse, interrogate and migrate your data from spreadsheet to database, as well as spreadsheet to spreadsheet, or database to database.

Whether you are looking for cost effective MySQL, Firebird, or PostgreSQL databases, or an informed decision into more secure and powerful databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle or Interbase. We have the development tools and skills to secure your business, enhance your supply chain reputation and make your business continuity more valued.

Control your business and the data it collects. Secure your GDPR policies and securely manage employee access. RedKiteIT has the experience and skills to enhance your business.